I need to be as brief as possible, but BrandSmart has doubled down on horrible service. In June of 2016, my wife and I purchased a new Samsung Washer and Dryer.

My father raised me to never purchase an extended warranty and Clark Howard, Consumer Reporter Extraordinaire, preaches the same. Something made my wife and I decide to purchase the extended warranty and we took delivery of both washer and dryer in June 16'. Literally within two weeks, the washer would not operate. We went through a nightmare trying to get service out and once I finally got a repairman on site, he told my wife and I to never buy from BrandSmart under any conditions.

He relayed that Lowes would fix the machine no questions asked and that BrandsMart would put us through misery. I can't speak to Lowe's being great, but I can speak at length to BrandSmart being horrific. The repairman let us know that the machine was not fixable despite being new yet BrandSmart would not do anything to help us, so I resorted to emailing the President of BrandSmart guessing at two different email addresses. Obviously one of them worked, as despite zero communication from the President and zero acknowledgement by leadership, the horrible manager who had given us no service, called and said, "well I guess you threw us under the bus with someone because we are being told to take care of you." Wow...in a bad way that is.....Finally we got the replacement and fast forward two years until July 5, 2018, when our dryer just stopped working out of the blue.

We followed all troubleshooting procedures noted in the manual and ended up calling BrandSmart's extended warranty company, Warrantech. What a nightmare!!! First off, Warrantech explained that we did not have an extended warranty, to which I was forced to send a copy of my receipt showing my extended warranty charge on the receipt. I had to call in four times and get huffy with Warrantech to make them acknowledge my receipt and to get a claim going.

After a 3 hour nightmare, Warrantech finally stated that they had filed a claim and left a message that a specific company had been given the claim and would be at my home between 8am and 5pm on Monday, July 16. I asked about a tighter window noting my work schedule and need to travel on that day, but was forced to spend a fortune changing my flight and to inconvenience my customer and partner to make the appointment. At noon on Monday, I found it odd that I had heard nothing and called the service company Warrantech had stated would be visiting my home....The service company, asked, "didn't Warrantech inform you that we would not be coming, we are 3 hours away from you and do not travel that far and we notified Warrantech of this last Friday. I called Warrantech and the CSR told me that the computer stated that a new company, one called Pending Service Company, was going to now handle the claim....I patiently told the CSR that I assumed that Pending was a status and not a Service Company name.

You will not be surprised to know that I insisted on the CSR three waying a service company who could help with me on the line and that I wanted to hear the company's response for myself. The company owner answered and noted that he would begin the process then, but that it would be 3-5 business days before parts came in....I find it odd that they can know what parts without having seen the machine, but ok, I understand, please order. Today, I called that company who still does not have any parts and further can't see a tracking number to determine when the parts would arrive to give me some idea of when this may be addressed. He noted that he did not have time to call Warrantech.

We are still waiting after 15 days and have zero idea when our dryer will be fixed. The owner of the service company explained that this was not a rush part. I am at $125 in laundry mat fees, countless hours on the phone and driving my laundry to laundromats, where I have spent the $125 and counting. I say WOW....again, not in a good way, but WOW!

It is clear that neither Brandsmart nor Warrantech care about my business and I will move forward with the understanding that BrandSmart is worthless and their extended warranty is worthless. I will never purchase another Samsung Applicance under any conditions and sure won't consider an extended warranty if backed by Warrantech.

Product or Service Mentioned: Warrantech Dryer Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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