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I purchased a 55" Panasonic tv from Brandsmart a year and 2 months ago...I purchased the extended warranty...My picture blew on Jan. 10th, is Feb. 4th....they have been out here twice and insist on replacing a part that shorted out twice already and still waiting for the same part to come in again...this is time they come out, whenever that will be, if that same part shorts again, that's it....they better just let me have an exchange like the warranty says I should beable to get....How long is it acceptable to be without a tv that you purchased with an extended warranty....a month is not acceptable to me...

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Brandsmart warranties are not worth the paper they are written on!

I have been without a refrigerator for 2 weeks, my frig is 13 months old and the compressor went out. Brandsmart has put me through *** to get them to come out to look at my frig then more *** to get them to replace the compressor.

This warranty dept is very stressful to deal with, you will get the run around over and over..... pls don't buy a extended warranty from Brandsmart.


I am writing to give you an update about my situation. So the warranty company agreed to cover the TV panel.

When the service company changed my TV panel and they turned on the TV, the lines were still there. I could not believe it. So they took my TV for almost two weeks. This is in addition to three prior times when the changed other parts.

These were all days missed from work. So they brought the TV back and guess what? The lines are back again after a week. In addition, my warranty ends at the end of this month and Brandsmart is charging me $900 to extend the warranty for another year.

I called them yesterday and they told me that they need to send the service company back in. This will be the fourth time. I already spoke to a lawyer, who says that I have a case if they do not ultimately fixed the TV or exchanged it. I called the phone numbers that they left here for Maggie.

Someone called and spoke to my wife. They said that they will have a resolution the following day. AND NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN. Brandsmart does not stand behind you when these products turn out to be defective.

I had a heated argument with a supervisor, who works for the warranty company who basically told me that these things happen all the time and there was nothing that they can do for me. If there is no solution to this, I will definitely take them to court.

I am fed up with my situation. Learn from experience.


Why did it take a full month of trouble and finally, needing to air the problem on a public forum to get action from your company? Had he NOT publicized the problem, would you have reacted at all? I doubt it...


My name is Maggie Pena Im a customer service manager at the repair dept .

I would like you to call me personally to see how we can help getting this resolved .

My phone is 786-229-7649



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